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ENZO Professional is our most concentrated ENZOGENOL® formula.


ENZOGENOL® is a 100% natural pine bark extract made in New Zealand from New Zealand sourced pine trees. It is a highly concentrated, complex mixture of health beneficial plant compounds called flavonoids, that have natural health promoting properties in our body. ENZOGENOL®is extracted with our proprietary water-only process: only water and pine bark are used in the extraction process (no solvents or any chemicals involved!).

ENZOGENOL® supports healthy:

  • Brain function
  • Focus and alertness in children
  • Cardiovascular function, blood circulation, blood vessel function, blood pressure
  • Eye function
  • Antioxidant status


Taking ENZO Professional daily will greatly boost your flavonoid intake over and above what you can achieve from eating your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Many research studies have shown that higher intake of flavonoids is associated with healthy cardiovascular and brain function demonstrating their powerful nutritional benefits.

Each capsule contains:

  • 240 mg ENZOGENOL®
  • 30 mg Vitamin C

Number of capsules per bottle: 60 vegetable capsules

Made in New Zealand.

Dose Recommendations:
Adult: 2-4 capsules per day in one single dose
Children: 1-2 capsules per day in one single dose (teach your child to swallow pills)
or as directed by your doctor


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