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Nutripuncture- Cellular Regulation

Auckland Clinic or Zoom with Nessta Jones 'Read More' for Details

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 80 New Zealand dollars
  • Auckland clinic

Service Description

NUTRIPUNCTURE PRACTITIONERS- Nessta Jones Clinic Location- North Shore, Auckland Contact Via Text for More Details- 021 877 972 Nutripuncture- Is the missing link in the exploration of human complexity A new method that integrates the millennial knowledge of Oriental medicine with the modern discoveries of Western cellular biology. Organisms as networks of interconnected systems. The influence of cellular memories on the individual. Epigenetics, electromagnetic fields and cellular information. Nutripuncture was born in France in the 1980s, when a multidisciplinary team of researchers, doctors, biologists and physicists began the study of cellular self-regulation processes, under the direction of Dr. Patrick Véret, supporting signals emitted by metals. Nutripuncture- Is an informational approach based on the use of polymetallic complexes in micro-doses which aims at supporting cellular autoregulation weakened by the stresses of life. This method – based on observation and experimentation – finds its foundations in the theory of complex systems, epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics and PNEI (psycho neuro endocrino immunology). It is addressed to the organism considered in its complexity and in constant interaction with the natural and relational environment. It focuses on the interactions between the human body’s different organic levels and on the communication established between them by means of vital currents; these interactions and exchanges constitute the ground on which functional, organic or structural disorders can develop. Cellular Self-Regulation- The cell is the functional and structural unit of the living. It is a generator capable of producing electricity through biochemical reactions. It also acts as an accumulator limited by a double membrane, internal and external, which guarantees the exchanges between the intra and extra cellular environments.Cells communicate through electromagnetic frequencies, signals belonging to each group of cells, which are organized by vital currents: it is a communication system that modulates the biochemical reactions and the coherence of organic functions. Nutripuncture stimulates the regulation of cellular communication of the entire human body, by balancing the electromagnetic network of vital currents. By helping balance the field, it supports cellular health and nourishes the vital currents. In this way it enhances the effectiveness of all therapies.

Contact Details

  • 139 Scenic Drive, Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

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