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Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Human) "Thankyou Amy! So grateful for our whole family's contact care treatments, including the dog. My girls loved their time with you and I now have a clear head and my energy back. My body has been able to unravel and realign itself from past concussions, sporting injuries, medical complications and those unknown knocks and bumps. Contact care is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that releases trapped bone pressure triggered and held by suprise impacts to the bone. Amy is an exceptional, rare sensory therapist with a warmth and special connection to all of her clients. My family and I are so grateful. Contact care really is a life changing therapy on so many levels, resolving many issues that many other therapies fail to do so." -Kate Lepper Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Equine) "I have worked with horse's all of my life both overseas and here in New Zealand and I have seen a lot of body workers. Nothing comes close to what I have seen Amy achieve. The contact care system is something that has to be seen to believe. I have started a lot of horses and I always have Amy over to go over them before and during the starting stages. Amy will pick up everything no matter how many times I won't tell her any issues they may have. The way the horse's respond is eerie, she is amazing and I highly recommend her. Bonus is she does humans too!" -Jesse Hughes Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Human) "Amy‘s great at what she does. She tuned in and was able to find and reset long standing trauma issues that even the founder of the method didn’t get. My upper body took days to settle down as expected but since then my movements are free and unrestricted and getting better as time goes by. Bloody Brilliant! I have no hesitation of recommending Amy and I hope shes here to stay." - Phil Wataroa Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Canine) "Amy fixed my dogs limp which he would have had for about 3 months and she did it over 3 sessions, the alternative would have been taking him to the vet to be sedated for an X-ray and possible surgery, I would highly recommend Amy, she is calm and gentle and my dog responded so well. Thank you Amy!!" - Angela Rowe Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Human) "Amy is a fantastic holistic healer. Through my many fractures, I’ve suffered a lot of daily pain at it’s best and the day after my first session with Amy, I found the spring in my step again. I felt lighter in body and soul. Amy is a gentle, kind person and a talented lady. I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone! Btw: After every session, the cherry on the top is my cuddles with beautiful Phillipa. TWO MONTH UPDATE: I had my specialist follow-up two months ago and he was shocked at my increase in bone density and he told me I am now officially out of osteoporosis. Amy’s healing hands have worked miracles for me. I had a severe back and head impact in June and I did not fracture, that’s when I knew there was a drastic change as previously I had non impact fractures. THANK YOU AMY" -Anuska Laus Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Human) "Working with Amy has been an absolute delight. She is kind, caring and most importantly has helped me clear so much pain in my body. I first went to Amy for help with neck and shoulder pain, after only a few sessions this has completely disappeared. What has been so incredible is all the other things Amy has been able to help with. I experience constant dizziness and headaches, all of which Amy has released. I have previously tried physios, chiropractors, and acupuncture for my pain and none have worked in such a quick, painless and easy way as Contact Care has. I leave every session feeling lighter and calm. After experiencing such incredible results, I started bringing my partner along too. He has scoliosis and often gets bad back pain and struggles to stand up straight. Having had 3 sessions with Amy now, he looks visibly straighter and all this back pain is gone. We are both incredibly grateful for Amy’s help and highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pain." -Olivia Thomas Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Human) "I had my first consult with Amy in March 2024. She has a gentle non avasive approach and talks you through what she is going to do. My fingers for the past few years have always been stiff in the joints and painful and the past 3 days have been amazing. I wake in the morning with a slight aching in one hand and thats it. Intuitivly Amy picked up on trauma that i have had since a teenager that was physical where I've had broken bones and have been in the the fight or flight mode and worked with the parts of my body that had been hit or scarred and worked on releasing the trauma that was stored in my body for so long. It was a great sense of release for me and I will be back for more. If you need to release past trauma that your body is storing and need a tune up with the body then I highly recommend Amy" - Cyn Enright Feng Shui Consultation "I came across Amy on the internet when I was trying to find a celebrant to come bless the house. We had a phone conversation and I found we clicked immediately. Amy is warm, kind, trustworthy, qualified, and clear in her communication. She has such a caring honest approach & was incredibly proactive to my needs. She came to the house and provided a clearing service & feng shui advice. We had been trying to sell it and felt it needed something. Amy's advice was fantastic lots of interior decorating help, garden advice etc. Then we worked on me in terms of my energy, and I was amazed. Her ability to tap into my energy was surreal. After my clearing I felt focused with what I needed in my life. The report I have from Amy gives me much needed direction. Constructive guidance that I was seeking & was unable to obtain from other sources. Amy's sphere of knowledge & level of interest in helping me was wonderful. I am blessed that we connected & looking forward to taking my new path." - Anna Brown Contact C.A.R.E. - Flinchlock Release (Human) "Having a scolioses and trying to find numerous methods to relieve my pain without much success, I had pretty much given up on trusting anyone to even touch my back. I would when seeing a doctor or a Physio, in most cases, end up in more pain than prior. And then I met Amy. I came to see Amy after spending 6 weeks without being able to move much (or at all), thinking no one will be able to release my pain. A single session with Amy and I was completely released - I could not believe it. I was able to walk, bend and live a normal life, which was something I wasn’t able to do over the past weeks being completely blocked. She has transformed the way I believe in healing and has shown me that there are always alternatives when you think there is no more options. I would recommend anyone to see Amy, I honestly believe she can do miracles. And to add, she is kind, warm and very caring, which makes the experience even more pleasant." -Louisa Djerroud Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Feline) "I took my girl, Rosie (Maine Coon Cat) to see Amy recently, and I am so glad I did. Rosie has been having health issues for a while, and each time I would take her to the vet who would prescribe the usual steroids, pain killers and antibiotics, all of which helped 'at the time' and then the health issues would return, so Rosie was once again back on the same medications from the vet. This cycle of getting sick, then more steroids and antibiotics kept repeating itself, and I knew I needed to find a more natural approach to help Rosie to heal. Amy was recommended to me by another holistic practitioner, and I admit I was very skeptical at first! Amy was very gentle with Rosie, and just one week after Rosie's first treatment with Amy, I can see Rosie is on the road to recovery, her eyes are brighter and she is more relaxed, no more laying hunched up in pain and detaching herself from her humans! If Rosie could talk...I think she would say she is feeling a lot better and looking forward to connecting with Amy at her next appointment" - Gillian Titterrell Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Equine) "My horses have now had several treatments with Amy. They all seem to enjoy their sessions and are very relaxed when she is treating them. Her methods are very gentle and non-invasive and I have seen some positive results. One of my horses has changed shape and grown taller and more confident following Amy's treatments. Amy has helped another horse to stop bucking and has also recommended some homeopathic remedies which seem to have helped him. Amy always takes the time to listen and then to explain what she is doing and why. She is knowledgeable, skilled, professional and most importantly empathetic. Amy really cares about her patients (human and animals) and wants to help them and I highly recommend her." -Michelle Alexander Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Human) "I had the pleasure of meeting Amy a couple of weeks before the country went into lockdown due to the Covid 19 situation. My previous relationship had been with Johnathan Baker and I found him amazing. His method of treatment seemed to be completely appropriate for my needs so I was genuinely concerned when I heard Johnathan was leaving Auckland. All my fears were allayed when I had my first session with Amy. I was instantly charmed by her warm and friendly nature and although her approach is a little different to what I had experienced from Johnathan previously, I left her clinic very satisfied after my treatment. There is always reward in the feeling that you are in safe hands and I now confidently recommend Amy to anyone in need. Amy communicates well and is proactive in appointment planning and following up after your session with her to ensure everything is going well. Amy displays good skills all round that will surely see her business deservedly be constant for her." -Cathy Barnett Natural Therapies Consult- Flower Essences "From my first consultation with Amy, I started moving in a more positive direction - away from a chronic lack of vitality that was holding me back from living a healthy life. Amy has the gifts of intelligence, non-judgement, intuition, and true perception of human nature. Her consultations have allowed me to recognize deep-rooted thought patterns and their source, and her remedies have helped shift me into a deeper state of self-awareness. With greater physical and psychological health as evidence, I can highly recommend Amy as an exceptional healer and professional Bach Flower Consultant. Thank you Amy, for your on-going care." -Lisa Michelle Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Equine) "Amy from Contact Care came out to see my older pony who was suffering from colic, the vet sedated her and suggested she be put down, if she didn't improve, or if it happened again, with a suspected Tumor. We live on Waiheke and was lucky enough to have her over at that time. Amy came and did a treatment, on the Monday and instantly the pony responded, started drinking and eating again, got up and walked away! It may still be a tumor, but for now the pony is happy and content, thanks to Amy we still have her. Since the first treatment her sway back improved too, and seems to be a lot better. We will definitely get her back with her calm nature and healing hands, we could instantly see a difference. Thank You Amy!" -Tenaia Jarvis Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release(Canine) "A friend introduced me to Contact C.A.R.E. After googling, I found Amy. Have just returned from first treatment for my male GSD 18th month old who has been so 'broken' for the past few days he could hardly move! Amy worked on him and he became so relaxed and freer in his movements. Amy explained every step to me and what she was doing, and what she sensed he had experienced. Wow! Yes, I remembered an experience he had at 4 months old that she was sensing in him from seeing the patterns of his imobility that caused his awful current condition. But no longer! She has treated him and while he will need a few follow up sessions, her beautiful manner and graciousness in explaining so carefully, has inspired me to have myself and family seen by her. I look forward to many future experiences with Amy and can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you so very much Amy, may your kindnesses be returned 100fold to you and your family!" - Chrissie Ngaira Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release (Human) "Amy is amazing! Having been hit by a car twice as a small child, the effects finally caught up with me decades down the line and I now suffer pain in my lower sacrum/tailbone. This is aggravated by long periods of sitting, which as a writer and frequent traveller, I have to do, making life very difficult at times. Since coming to Amy, I no longer have issues with long haul flights and the pain is so much reduced otherwise. I feel like I'm flying every time I leave a session with her! It's amazing what hidden physical traumas she can both discover and unlock. Definitely a must-see if other modalities haven't been sufficiently working. This is great for getting straight to the core of the issue." - Jamie King Flinchlock Release (Equine) "Kaimanawa Heritage Horse- Abbey came into our care extremely anxious and stepping very short in behind from what was assumed to be damage from excess weight on her back. Amy came out to treat Abbey a week after she arrived. She did an amazing job of keeping the treatment flowing given Abbey was in a new place, it was pouring with rain and she was very anxious and didn’t want to stand still. After one treatment with Amy, Abbey was hugely improved in her movement and is a completely different horse today! She is moving beautifully (for her), settled and happy in herself. She was being very sweet with me! I’m so blown away! Contact care is amazing! And you too of course, thank you :)Abbey continues receiving contact care treatment in her new home, and is now a well balanced little horse." -Sarah Bates Contact C.A.R.E.-Flinchlock Release (Human) "My sessions with Amy have been so amazing, and interesting too. Amy has a wealth of knowledge and an intuitive edge that lead us to finding the root of some of my pain in the most unexpected place. For the first time in a decade I am free from my usual back pain which is truly life changing. Would highly recommend, I think everyone would benefit from this practice." - Becks Murray Contact C.A.R.E.- Flinchlock Release Session (Canine) "I took my 8 year old foxy for treatment with Amy Matarese in Inglewood. The "flinchlock" method caught my attention. Amy was attentive to his needs, I felt relaxed, as did my foxy. I have observed him last 3 days, and have seen significant and subtle changes to his posture, his gait, clearer in his eyes, playful, active. I am that pleased with his results I have booked into a session in NP with Amy for myself. All the best Amy for your new enterprise and getting a need out there for animals suffering, and misunderstanding in silence with their past traumas" - Diane Knight
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