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I had my first Mind-Body Integration Assessment with Amy a few months ago. We decided to get to the root of some of my problems that could be affecting my health – Fibromyalgia, depression, pain, cancer, hardened heart or non-trusting heart, etc... We decided to forge ahead with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming session. During this session, I was able to reach way back into my childhood and discovered many hurts and disappointments I was harboring. I couldn’t seem to release them, before. After our session, I really felt freer than I ever have. I actually could see the openness of my heart and the big space that was cleared. I began to really live and be happy! I realize that the past is the “past” and you can do nothing to change it, but you can forgive, and change your outlook on it and let it go! I was able to see how it helped form the person I am today. To survive I became a very strong, positive, loving person. I now live for the present – and try to project my future in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Amy for your support, dedication, and care it has changed my life.

Jessica D(Registered Nurse)

“I have worked with horse's all of my life both overseas and here in New Zealand and I have seen a lot of body workers. Nothing comes close to what I have seen Amy achieve. The contact care system is something that has to be seen to believe. I have started a lot of horses and I always have Amy over to go over them before and during the starting stages. Amy will pick up everything no matter how many times I won't tell her any issues they may have. The way the horse's respond is eerie, she is amazing and I highly recommend her. Bonus is she does humans too!!”

Sandy Williams

“Amy is a wonderful holistic practitioner. I often start out my sessions stressed, but by the end of each one, I only feel wonderful. I feel at ease and find insightful answers to all my questions.”

Payton Hillman

I have been contending with cancer, the big “C” word, since 2001. It started as Endometrial Cancer, then 6 years later we found it had metastasized to my L-2 vertebrae. I am just beginning chemo again, for the 6th time. During chemo, I have been in a lot of pain, sometimes extreme and with all the meds they gave me I would just disconnect. During the last chemo and the beginning of this one, I have been using the newest discovery in nutritional support. It is called Smart-Mix Moringa Oleifera…. I am just amazed at the amount of energy I have when I drink this mix! After I have had chemo, I sometimes take two doses a day, because of how I feel. I am taking the Smart-Mix on a regular basis. I feel more relaxed. My husband was amazed at how I made it through this first chemo. I still need to ice my knees and back, but for the most part, I was able to keep busy, be pretty positive and thankful. I am so thankful God has put Amy in my life. Keep learning, seeking and sharing Amy!

Mickie Geter (Business Owner)

Amy is an incredibly potent healer and energy clearer. She has such deep intuition and can tap into a person or space and really feel what needs to happen for balance and harmony to be created. We had Amy do a home clearing for us about four months ago and it was amazing what she shifted and how quickly the energy moved on, allowing peace to be experienced by our whole family. She also worked with clearing energy in my youngest son who has struggled spiritually since he was born, we know and can feel he is more grounded and joyful from Amy’s divine work. Amy just ‘knows’ and she has the ability to communicate in such a way that ease and grace is felt as well as her strength within the holistic realm. I have referred friends and clients to Amy regularly as I truly believe her gifts are one of a kind. Thank you beautiful Amy for bringing our home and family back to a place of balance and peace. You are amazing!!

Nic Mitchell (Health Practitioner)

From my first consultation with Amy, I started moving in a more positive direction- away from a chronic lack of vitality that was holding me back from living a healthy life. Amy has the gifts of intelligence, non-judgement, intuition, and true perception of human nature. Her consultations have allowed me to recognize deep-rooted thought patterns and their source. Her holistic approach targeting physical issues, unhealthy mental patterns as well as spiritual flatness has helped me shift into a deeper state of self-awareness. With greater physical and psychological health as evidence, I can highly recommend Amy as an exceptional healer and professional Holistic Health Consultant.

Lisa S. (Naturopath and Nurse)

I have been under specialist treatment for my liver for the past 4 years. Since meeting Amy, she has provided me with many healthier, natural ways to support my health. Not only are the products and treatments she offers great and all natural, I feel different and others notice the difference as well. I’ve been on smart mix as well as other natural therapies for a little over a month, I have people saying I look great, but more than that I feel great! I have so much more energy. Amy takes a personal interest in your story, and goes beyond what most would to help and provides you wilth all possible information, ways and fantastic products so you can be your best. I’m so thankful for meeting her and all the help she has given me.

Shay Brightman (Administrator)

I’ve been interested in the Bach flower remedies for a few years and did some self-study. Although I know a little about each remedy, I’m not at all equipped to diagnose and treat myself. I used the remedies while I was pregnant with my son and I am quite aware of their subtle energies. After his birth, I got very wrapped up in day-to-day life. I’ve recently had a strong urge to find a practitioner nearby. So, I did a quick search on the Bach Centre’s registered practitioner’s site and found Amy. I feel very blessed. She is wonderful — an understanding and genuine healer. After only a few days of taking the remedies she prescribed, I am already feeling a difference. I’m looking forward to peeling away the layers needed with her support.

Tania McAnearney (LLB)

There are people in this world who make your life better just by being in it. And some of these individuals push it to the next level on a daily basis: Amy is in this elite class, and has done more for me simply through her positive spirit and eagerness to see improvement in my life and business, than most professionals I work with on a daily basis. I still consult her often, even though she is on an island across the globe from me, and am always made more confident and capable when I do.

Pete Asplund (film development consultant non-profit manager)

I met Amy in 2006 at a seminar in Florida. Due to the nature of the seminar and Amy’s gentle caring personality, we became friends. She introduced me to the holistic methods used to support her clients a few months after the seminar. We created the necessary programmes for me to follow and soon after, I was maintaining the inner peace & health I was in search of. I was amazed and very pleased with the difference made to my life. Thank you Amy & Wishing you well!

Richard Hatcher (Manager at American Airlines)

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