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Who is Amy & Why A Holistic Approach?

"I serve the misfits, the differently challenged...people that have tried almost everything to help their

situation and still have come up shorthanded.

I'm not interested in the dis-ease one carries, more the person that needs revealing, so that integrity becomes the normal stance among the condition(s) one might find themselves within; all else reorganizes naturally with a holistic approach.


Having experienced this paradigm myself after numerous personal traumas, both physically and mentally with lacking results from the mainstream health system, my path to serve from a holistic approach was etched out early on. I would call myself  a detective of what opposes equilibrium in my clients lives"


- Amy E. Matarese



(1): free of wound or injury : UNHURT

(2): recovered from a wound or injury : RESTORED

(3): physically sound and healthy, 

 mentally or emotionally : SOUND

Introducing Amy, Founder of 'The Holistic Rehab'

Amy is a compassionate advocate for holistic healing, committed to supporting individuals and their companion animals through life's challenges. With a profound understanding of personal struggles and triumphs, she established 'The Holistic Rehab' as a sanctuary for those seeking comprehensive support on their journey to wellness be it from injuries, trauma or the chronic issues that can stem from carrying these.

As an experienced practitioner and certified Holistic Health professional, she specializes in various methods essential for overall well-being. She focuses on addressing mental and emotional trauma, stress, behavioral issues, pain management, and injuries. Specifically, she excels in understanding and managing neurobiological pain pathways and the complex sensory perception involved, especially in individuals dealing with structural and functional issues caused by accidents, surgeries, or traumatic experiences.

Amy's qualifications are extensive, ranging from certifications in Natural Therapies', Bowen Therapy and Occupational Therapy to being a registered Contact CARE Practitioner for both humans and animals. Additionally, she incorporates natural therapies and botanical and faunal formulas into her practice, leveraging natural remedies to enhance health, restore the body and support overall well-being.

Beyond her professional expertise, Amy is deeply committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for her clients and their animal companions. She welcomes individuals from all walks of life, providing personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Compassionate and dedicated, Amy is honored to serve the community through 'The Holistic Rehab', offering support and guidance to those on their journey toward wholeness.

Qualifications: - Bowen Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Contact CARE Practitioner (Humans and Animals) - Registered Bach Foundation Practitioner - Reiki Master Teacher - Applied Theology / Spiritual Mentoring - Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Therapy - Time Line Therapy / Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - Natural Therapies Certification - Feng Shui Practitioner - Botanical and Faunal Blends and Formulas



The Holistic Rehab & Taranaki Central Contact CARE

Inglewood Natural Health Centre, 94 Rata Street, Inglewood- Taranaki

Mobile 02 1 152 3286 Telephone 09 433 5011


Outcalls Available Upon Request for Companion Animals

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